Spring 2016 Officers!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and the best of luck to everyone this Spring semester, especially to our graduating seniors. Start your semester off with ASO and its officers to learn what great opportunities and resources we have to offer!


President - Elise Weber
Executive Vice President - Kim Bruckman
Treasurer - Carlos Briones
Vice Treasurer - Blake Mori
Administration Chair - Kelly Xueyuan Wang
Professional Development Chair - Alex Cortez
Technical Presentation Chair - Rohit Rampur
Membership Chair - Angelina Ng
Social Affairs Chair - Sally Chen
Community Outreach Chair - Michelle Te
Marketing Chair - Carla Vela
Fundraising Chair- Alipasha Ziaee

Graduation Committee:
Taniya Kumar
Anna Belentsova
Sami Abedelal
Mercy Clua


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