As the Spring semester nearing its end and preparing for the finals. I would like to thank those who ran for the ASO election and pleased to announce our new board members for Fall 2015!

President - Taniya Kumar
Executive Vice President - Kim Bruckman
Treasurer - Sami Abedelal
Vice Treasurer - Carlos Briones
Administration Chair - Mercy Clua
Membership Chair - Michelle Te
Technical Presentation Chair - Elise Weber
Social Affairs Chair - Anna Belentsova
Professional Development Chair - Alex Cortez
Marketing Chair - Angelina Ng

Finally, The Graduation is Here!

To fellow Accounting Graduates:

The Accounting Students Organization (ASO) would like to announce that the Accounting Commencement is here! ASO has been setting up the Accounting Commencement for many years. We understand the importance of celebrating this memorable occasion. With great appreciation to our Co-Director of Graduation Officers, Maricar Grona and Teresa Do, have created this event for you to step foot on the stage, get your name called, and have your families and friends to cheer on your success. The grandest event of them all, the Accounting Commencement Ceremony will take place at the SFO Marriott Waterfront on Saturday, May 23, 2015 from 5:15 - 9:00 PM

Our wonderful officers also created a website for the Accounting Graduates (both Undergraduates and Graduates) to inform you the details of the event. You can click HERE (or the "Graduation" button on the top right) for details and to buy your tickets fast! 

Be proud of your achievements and successes. Hope you attend and we would like to see you in your event!

Graduation Volunteers:

Although both the Co-Directors plan out the event, we would like to have volunteers to make this event successful! We would like volunteers, not just from ASO, but other organizations as well to help out before and during the event. Let us give these graduates the best commencement possible! After all, some do come back and help you succeed in your professional career. You can sign up and check out the volunteer duties HERE.

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